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Please note The Blackford Trust is now closed - this page is retained for purely historic interest


Our support

We provided two years of funding to support Hope4China, a Scottish-based charity working in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to assist children into foster care and education.

Background to our partner

In China today there are still many children who, for various reasons, cannot be cared for by their birth families. These children are looked after in Social Welfare Institutes from which, in the past, from which in the past many have been adopted internationally. In recent years there have been fewer babies in orphanages with many more domestic adoptions. This has meant less need for international adoptions.

Hope4China are not involved in adoption in any way, but help to meet the needs of children in orphanages, in particular foster families in China to care for the children. Despite increasing improvements in orphanage care, a child needs a real family to love and care for them. And while many families in rural areas struggle to care for their children, many just cannot afford the luxury of an education for their girls.

Photos courtesy of Hope4China

Hope4China was, at the time of our awards, able to support over 80 children in foster care, and over 400 girls in education. Their work included :

  • placing orphanage babies and children with foster families

  • monitoring the progress of the children and sending quarterly reports to international sponsors

  • providing medical help and therapy for children with special needs

  • meeting any individual needs that arise for these children

  • paying school fees for girls in rural areas

  • helping to pay for food and medical expenses for these girls

  • developing links between UK schools and Hope4China students in China

Outcomes and lessons

Our first award was made in early summer 2009. After very positive outcomes during 2009-2010, we are pleased to be able to make an additional award for 2011-2012. Once again, this produced very successful outcomes.

Update May 2016

We made a small additional award to Hope4China as part of our final award package.

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This page was last updated on 13 January 2019.

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